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Our Services

SEC EDGAR Filings Compliance

Internalize the process, generating HTML and XBRL for filing with the SEC EDGAR system from within a single platform

Document Conversion

Integrated with WSD workflow, instantly convert structured product documents into EDGAR HTML format and file with the SEC

Process Automation Solutions

Replaces the manual processes with automation and SEC EDGAR filing and can be mixed-and-matched to create customized solutions

Our Softwares


End-to-End Solution for Structured Products

CXConvert replaces the manual processes for creating 424B2s and FWPs with automation, allowing banks to realize savings of time and cost. Through your use of our templates, CXConvert instantly converts structured product documents into EDGAR HTML format for filing with the SEC. We will work with you to customize the templates for your individual applications, or integrate CXConvert with your existing workflow. Once approved, CXConvert will file the material with the SEC EDGAR system.

As a joint venture with WSD, our flagship workflow server suite, branded in the market as WSD EDGAR, seamlessly integrates CXConvert with WSD's suite of document and workflow automation solutions.

The software component of CXConvert is available both on a hosted basis and on a deployed basis. For hosted scenarios, CXConvert runs on the Amazon Elastic Cloud, providing the highest level of security and close to 100% uptime. It can be accessed using JSON or XML based communication protocol, enhancing ease of integration. In the case of the deployed option we install and maintain the software component within the saftey of your own IT infrastructure.



Xpressfiler is cloud-based end-to-end solution for EDGAR filing. It provides a complete filing solution for filing agents and corporations.

Key Features:

  • Enables multiple users at different geographic locations to access a shared file structure simultaneously
  • Allows the creation and filing of SEC HTML and XBRL from a single source project
  • Operates on EC2 (Amazon's Elastic Computing Cloud) which provides constant speeds during peak times
  • Runs via a web browser
  • Operates on all major operating systems
  • Implements management of client data via intuitive interface or via Excel upload
  • Supports SEC EDGAR filing functionalities
  • Supports client proofing functionalities
  • Includes accounting and invoicing systems which provides billing and usage statistics